Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

One of my goals for 2021 is to read more books. More specifically, I’d like to read 1 per month at least. I do have Amazon Prime and have taken advantage of the slower shipping so that I can get the small dollar rewards that can be used for downloading books. It’s a really great way to save a few dollars! The book I am reading now is called Jesus over Everything by Lisa Whittle. To say it’s kicking my tail is quite the understatement! I’m highlighting so many things that need to be written down and kept in obvious places. Today, I thought I would share a most heartfelt and awakening part of this book.

“We don’t always make it easy for people to love us, yet we aren’t exempt from it when someone makes it hard on us. Jesus modeled the choice to love without the loved party being deserving, a concept most disagreeable with our flesh.”

Is your mind blown? Mine is. We worry so much about other people not behaving as if they deserve love. But–what about the times we are selfish and petty? What about the times we make it hard to love us? I have been alive for 33 years and that was probably the first conscious time I realized that I’m not always lovable. I’m embarrassed to even think about it. I pray today and always that God would help me search inside myself for any part of me that has been selfish, self-serving, or sinful–I don’t want to be those things. I want to be like Jesus.

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